Hello my beautiful, lovely friends!  My name is Emily Jolly.  I am the Owner and Lead Designer for the newest event company in Northern Colorado, Jolly Events.  I am here to introduce myself and invite you to be one of my Besties…a girl can never have too many!  One thing you should know about me is I love to Spoil Others - which is why Jolly Events was created!!  I am passionate about taking care of others, spreading joy and creating celebrations (parties!!).  You will never receive an E-Invite from me though, this is something you should know about me…I am a true believer in tradition and sending out invitations in the mail (we can go into more detail about that later).  Please don’t worry, I am one to keep up with the newest and latest trends for your visions and to only take care of my besties the best way a girl can…with perfection and grace.  I am 32 with years of experience in “making dreams come true,” one should know (you) that I am often known for creating my own trends, breaking out of society's comfort zone and trying something new (I don’t like to brag, however, most of these ideas become brilliant and extraordinary…and some, well, are great learning lessons…note: none of my celebrations have been affected by my ideas/experiments).  All in all (my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Vowles, taught me this is how you begin to conclude), I have 3 words to describe myself:  Excitable, Loyal, and HFY (Here for YOU)…okay, one more, a Great Listener…although I am known as “chatty Kathy” and am never short on words or something to say…I know when a girl needs to stand back and respect her air time (be quiet).  Anyways, my dear besties, I must run and get ready for tomorrow…New Years Eve…you know what that means: Little Black Dress. 

Thank you for spending time with me today and I look forward to tomorrow.  As always, I am here for you at any time!  Emily