New Years Eve!

So, the day has come to put on your sassy stilettos, that dress that is, oh, so amazing (yet, a little shorter than normal), and the lip stick that matches your finger nails…because it is New Years Eve!!  This is the day that we all celebrate around the world the journeys and memories that we have all had in the past year.  We surround ourselves with those who we cherish or with our Someone Special…I will often refer to those significant others as “lovey,” and wait for those precious 10 seconds before the ball drops and wait to hear…”Will you Marry Me?”  What?!  Wake up from day dreaming, Emily, but let’s be honest some of you my dear friends, this will happen…you will get engaged!!  ‘Tis the year to wear something sparkly not only on your feet, but on your finger, and if this is something that you are hoping for this evening (maybe even expecting), remember one thing…to soak in every word, feeling, expression on your lovey’s face because this is truly a moment in time that you will never want to forget.  Although, this is easier said than done because when my Paul proposed to me I was floating on air and remember nothing but thinking “please let me like the ring”…I mean, “Please let me remember everything he says.”  Okay, so I am just kidding, my proposal was so romantic and a moment that I felt was out of a fairytale, every girl wants the Dream to become reality…and it will happen just wait my besties, it will!  If this is you this evening, please enjoy it, cherish it, and when the time is me and share all the details!

To those who are celebrating tonight with some close friends (you call them your sisters because they are) or sharing this with your soul mate of more than several years of blissful marriage or are celebrating with your children (your most rewarding gifts), or enjoying some much needed “me time” this New Years Eve, we at Jolly Events cheers to you and the breathtaking moments that have been had and are to come!!  As always, I am here for you and can’t wait to share 2014 with you!!