Tastefully Great Ideas for Friends, Volume II


Say “Yes” to the Dress - the Bridesmaid Dress that is!  In this edition of TGIF: Fun Ways to Ask your Bridesmaids to be in your Wedding!

Choosing those who are going to stand beside you at the altar (and all the days leading up to it) can be difficult.  These are individuals that have made a lasting impression on your life,shared so many wonderful memories with, and those who might have been with you through your “teasing your bangs phase” (we all have been there)….these are your Bridesmaids!!  This group of individuals are going to be by you for such a special celebration, why not ask them is a fun way (and one they will always remember)!

Send them Flowers!  Everyone LOVES a fresh bouquet of delight…and especially sent to them.  We all secretly hope that when the Flower Delivery Person (I call them those who Deliver Smiles) walks in the door at work that they say our name - I know I do!  A bouquet of white roses, light pink hydrangeas, or their favorite flower with a classic note of: “Please make me the happiest girl in the world and be in my Wedding! “  What a better way to show a bestie that you love them and can’t wait for them to be in your wedding!

Picture this!  Let’s face it some of us already have our Wedding dress picked out, our colors on our cork board, and the bridesmaid dress ripped out of your favorite wedding magazine and circled in our “scrap book”…you know just in case….beforewe he pops the question.  Some would call this being a littlepremature, however we will call this being prepared.  Now is the perfect time to use it!  Wrap up the picture of the bridesmaid dress with a circle or a heart around it and pair it with a small note that states “Say Yes!”  This will surely cause a few tears and memories forever!  

I Heart You!  Some of you are my little bakers (my idols) and truly are giddy about a new recipe.  I love you!  Take this passion and share it!  Take your favorite cookie recipe and make them heart shaped.  On one cookie write, You + Me and on another cookie write your Wedding date!  So cute and so delicious!!  Hand these out to each one of your BM’s at an intimate lunch at your favorite place or with all your lovelies at Tea Party hosted at your home!

However you ask your remarkable group of friends or family, it will be special.  Please always remember that every moment of this time should be cherished and enjoyed endlessly.  

As always I am here for you!

xoxo Emily