Why have a Wedding Coordinator?


I'm you're "fairy of love", but I go by your Wedding and Event Coordinator Extraordinaire! 

Hello Beautifuls!  Happy Weekend to you all!  As I write this, most of you are getting ready for a day full of football…yes, Go Broncos!  And although I will be around the football mania, because it will be on our TV, I really won’t be “watching” it.  I hate to break it to you my besties, but I only really “acted” like I enjoyed watching it to capture a boys heart and make him adore me even more…but, now that I am married I don’t have to be that cool (surprise!)  Unless, it is a Super Bowl Party (which I have some Super Hostess Ideas that I will share with you later) or I am at Peyton Manning’s home (which I hope to meet him and his family soon), I really don’t get into the chaos…why not?  Because I am more focused on taking care of YOU and your unforgettable celebrations…plus, drooling over Pinterest is way more fun! 

All of you are incredible, creative, extremely talented individuals that really do not “need” a coordinator for your wedding day.  You have everything together and it is neatly organized in your wedding binder.  All the photographers, DJ/Band, Florists, etc…are in alphabetical order and you have their phone numbers already programmed into your phone (and have changed all their ringtones to Canon in D).  Your to-do list has symmetrical boxes next to each task and a sharp pencil ready in your purse to check off or alter anything that needs to be done.  You have waited for this moment your entire life and it is going to be wonderful, only 300 days away, and you are prepared….let the most magical time in your life begin…nope, no wedding coordinator needed…

Fast forward to day 60 before your wedding…you are exhausted, because you decided to make your own wedding invitations (which turned out better than you expected, but also, took much longer than you thought as well), your florist just called to let you know that you favorite flower for your centerpieces is way out of your budget, and your Mom insists that you have white chair covers and not black due to it being more “wedding” like, although you love the idea of black…ugh…this is when you lay your head down between your arms and twinkle dust begins to fall from the heavens and all of sudden I appear…your Fairy GodCoordinator…okay so maybe this won’t happen, but let’s pretend life is like the movies…but, wait this “can” be a reality - because at this very moment, this is when you would call me.   I can handle so many things with just a wave of my magic wand...

Here is what I promise to you:

  • To be your professional advocate, friend, confidant, referee, biggest cheerleader, budget advisor, stylist, personal assistant/detail manager, etc.…
  • Help plan the Biggest Day of your Life from A-Z
  • Assist in selecting the most reputable vendors and be there to negotiate
  • Schedule and attend meetings
  • Bring theme and style together
  • Manage/Track the budget (so not fun, but it can be if we do it together)
  • Keep you on track (I am like your Friendly Reminder App on your phone)
  • Invitation etiquette
  • Create a detailed timeline/itinerary
  • Coordinate the Rehearsal
  • Orchestrate all the details of the wedding day
  • Keep the bride calm, relaxed and joyful (the most important promise of all!)

I do not want to take anything away from you and this journey…I simple want to enhance it with delight, happiness, and ease…who doesn’t want this?  Simply put, I am always here for you! So, although you might not “need” a wedding coordinator…maybe you “want” one….a Fairy of Love, that isJ