TGIF - Tastefully Great Ideas for Friends, Volume III

Today's topic ladies and gents is making your engagement Facebook (or your favorite social media platform) Official in a unique-memorable-just being YOU-kind of way!  We all enjoy showing off (maybe some of you than others) what is going on in our life on FB and sometimes they make it just so "easy" to showcase your celebrations.  Due to how wonderful you all are, I know you want to take it just one step further and do it a little bigger and better (plus you want to see if you can break any records for how many "likes" you get, you know this is true).   So here are some ideas that I want to share with only the most special and truly amazing people in my life...YOU. 


Playful and Color!!  Floating on Air


No matter your age who doesn't love balloons and to be a little dreamy!!  This idea was inspired by the movie Up (it is lovely) and the imagination that the dear couple had for their lives together.  The unconditional admiration and love that they had for one another was something so real and pure, however they never forgot to have a little fun!  No professional photographer necessary (maybe a friend, tri-pod, or your Instagram), just go outside and see what happens!! 



Modern and Tech Savvy!!  He Said, She Said


This is an idea that is just too darn cute...why?  Because it is just how we communicate now--texting is our friend.  When my love and I first started to "court each other"  (yes, this happened), I would get just giddy and have a perma-grin whenever I would see his name pop up from a text.  To this day I still get the same butterflies and he is mine!  We all love it!  There is so many clever ways to utilize your phones to create something memorable and tailored toward you and your love. 

Artistic!!  Creative Minds (or Hands) 


All of you are the Artists of your Life.  If you had a blank canvas to paint what special moments/celebrations that are going on in your life, what would you create?  If you need suggestions, ask a 3 year old, they are always so ingenious and honest:)  You don't need to be perfect, just be like Bob Ross who always drew "happy trees"...he just had fun!  Enjoy!

Have a happy day and lovely weekend my dear friends!

And to those who get engaged...congratulations!! 

 As always I am here for you!

And of course – GO BRONCOS! 


xoxo Emily