TGIF - Tastefully Great Ideas for Friends, Volume IV

What lasts longer than the memories—the pictures!

Hello beautiful bride!  Are you getting married this weekend or this month?  Congratulations!!  Xoxo, Hugs and Love is being sent to you…right now!!  You are incredible and this will be the most memorable day ever and the pictures will last even longer!  So, friend to friend, make sure you whiten your teeth!  This is so easy!  Let me tell you, how simple it can be…

First option, Crest Whitening Strips.  They can be found at most drug stores and are fairly reasonable in price.  These are great and so convenient, because you can pick them up at any time!  These can be worn right before you go to bed, while you are putting the final touches on you seating chart, or writing your vows - so easy and ready for you, right now!  Please note: that all whitening options can and do make your teeth a little sensitive, but, my beauties…so worth it!!

Second option, tubes of bleach whitening gel to be worn with your clear retainer.  This can be found at your local general dentist or orthodontist.  The clear retainer is something that you might already have from having braces when you were younger - if you don’t you can have this made easily by your general dentist or orthodontist.  You simple take the gel and place a small amount around the edges of your retainer and wear throughout the night.  You go to bed and wake up 8 hours later feeling (and looking) like Cinderella…Love it!!

Third option, professional bleach whitening.  This can be done by your local orthodontist and takes around an hour.  This is the quickest and most time effective way to brighten and whiten!  The one time visit will take your pearly whites to another level and will last several months.

All options I recommend, just find the one that fits the best for you!  Now, some foods and drinks that you should avoid before your wedding (including your wedding day).  I say “should” because let’s be real, some of these “suggested” items will be difficult and will be an absolute “no” and I get that, I appreciate you, and want you to be happy, so again this is just “Happy Friendly Advice”. 

  • Coffee, Tea and Cola - umm, could be the hardest, just try and have one cup a day and use a straw to drink.
  • Red Wine - enjoy White Wine instead, or use as straw as well  (just kidding, please don’t do this)
  • Red Spaghetti Sauce - a lovely rehearsal dinner idea is to have an Italian Menu, beautiful idea and one that you should not steer away from - just have more salad and less red sauce, or incorporate an olive oil based pasta dish.
  • Ketchup/Soy Sauce - yes, this will most likely be the easiest to avoid, just one item you should know.
  • Berries (Cranberries, Raspberries). 

Please just remember that this is only for a short period of time and then you can indulge, drink up, and enjoy on your honeymoon as much as you would like!

So excited for you,