TGIF - Tastefully Great Ideas for Friends - Save the Dates!

Hello my dear friends and happy Friday to you!! 

Our edition today will be focusing on Save the Dates!  One of the biggest questions that I receive is, “are Save the Dates really necessary?”  And my answer is…”why, yes, of course!” Especially if you would like the grandest turn out for your wedding day - I’m sure all of you are super contagious and therefore the “more the merrier” concept is something that we live by, so therefore yes, they are a necessity.  This is a must if you are having a Destination Wedding.  Please remember Ladies and Gents that we are here to take care of our guests and in return they will dote on us with their presence, which in the big scheme of things is the most special part of this whole experience (plus, the more people, the more gifts…I know that is what you are really thinking).

The Save the Date will allow your guests to make travel plans early, request time off from work, and ultimately get super excited for your Big Day.  Because I love you all, and want you to enjoy every minute of this experience and time, I am here to provide you with some fabulous, fun ideas for your Save the Dates.  Yeah, FUN!! 

Calendar Markers

Take a fun picture of you and your soon-to-be-forever-partner and make them into stickers.  Place them on a fun card stating to “Please use these to mark your calendars!”

Stickers are SO cute and very creative!!  Let the countdown begin…

Map and Compass


Draw out all the routes that your guests will be taking to your destination, which you will circle or mark with a heart.  Included with the map is a small compass that will include your date. 

Great for destination weddings, plus it really expresses how far your guests will travel to share this memory with you.  Warning: tears might flow when doing this.  It really is very touching!!

Coffee Lovers


Create your own specialty coffee grinds and place it in a test tube or in a small baggy.  With a small tag placed around the top stating “Love will be brewing on September 7th, 2014”.

Addicted to coffee and addicted to LOVE, this Save the Date pretty much sums me up!

Photo Booth

Hop right into a photo booth and take a series of pictures of you and your Love being silly, romantic, and kissy, however ultimately ending with your wedding date at the end.

Sign me up!!  A little smooch session captured for all to see, yes please (have I mentioned that I like attention).  

Luggage Tags


By taking some stock paper, scissors and some ribbon you can design a creative tag that states your wedding date.  If you forgot what this looks like, just go to your closet and look on your luggage, I pretty much guarantee that it will still be there from your last travels

Such a creative and simple DIY project

Lucky Us

Scratch lotto tickets are the inspiration for this Save the Date.  Your wedding date will be covered, which you will include a penny for your guests to scratch it off to reveal the Special Date.

This is one of my favorites!!  All of your guests will feel like winners when they receive this!

These are just a few of the amazingly memorable and unique Save the Date ideas that we at Jolly Events have for you.  Let us assist you…really, can’t wait be there for you anytime, always!!

Happy Day and Happy Weekend to you All!! And of course, GO BRONCOS!

Xoxo Emily

Friendly Reminder:  Please remember my lovelies to always include on your Save the Date, “Invitation to Follow” and include your wedding website URL.