So you're getting married..."this year"!

Ahh…you are getting married this year…just saying that gives me goosebumps….as it probably does you as well.  Or, you could be feeling a little overwhelmed, excitable, anxious, all of the above.  First, this is all completely normal and a time that every bride goes through.  So, here is what we are going to do…go to your favorite “de-compress workout,” mine would be yoga - Miramont Central, 5:30PM Wednesday with Melissa (Fab-u-lous, if you come, I will be in the back, trying my hardest).  After you take a few moments to “harness your chi,” sit down and call me…seriously…I am here for you….Jolly Events is here for you!  We are here to take care of you, wrap our design arms around you, and provide you with the most magical, blissful, and stress free experience of your life.  Please take your time and think about this and in the meantime,  if you want to see me in downward dog on Wednesdays please do (I am the one in glasses and not really wearing yoga clothes).  Regardless, calling us will make you feel so much better…and what we will both gain will be a lasting relationship (whether we assist you or not).  Remember to soak in every moment, because time will go by so quickly!

Look forward to taking care of you!