December 1st - Top Three Things To Do Once You're ENGAGED!

December 1st

The Top {3} Things you should do once you get engaged.

Hello my lovelies---so did you get engaged over the Thanksgiving holiday?!  If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!  Right now I am skipping around, hands up in the air (like Miley Cyrus would say—“I put my hands up and the butterflies fly away…I think that is how it goes)…anyways…so, so excited for you!!  Soak in every moment (and yes, I say this a lot and you will hear it much, much more—I should have named my business “Soak in Every Moment”, because my SEO would be INCREDIBLE!)  Tangent!!  **Side note: for all those who are reading one of my posts for the first time, you will soon find out, that I am not a girl short of words…so if you only have a minute…you might want to come back when you have about 7 because I am quite lengthy…I always get cut off when leaving a voice message and I just keep talking because, you know, just in case it is still recording, plus I must say goodbye to feel complete…oh, plus, I go off on tangents…yeah, me!!) **Okay, back to the post….so, soak in every moment, hug your fiancé every 10 minutes (if you are a gentleman reading this, it would be your fiancée, yes they are spelled differently), because your ring is exactly what you picked out for him to buy…I mean that you guided him to get you…I mean the perfect hand designed ring you could have every dreamed of.  However it happened it is perfect because it is all a part of Your Story – one you never want to forget and one that will be very important in the next couple of pargraphs.  However long you have been engaged, whether 3 days, 3 months or 3 years (if it is this long….well, that is another blog post), these are the Top {3} Things you should do…enjoy!

1} Don’t Tell Anyone unless you are ready for EVERYONE to know!!

Take time to tell your friends and family Your Engagement Story…at your pace, in whatever form of communication you would like.  Embrace the time together and don’t feel rushed.  I will break it down for you…if you don’t want your engagement to go viral in like 3 milliseconds…you must not tell anyone.  Yes, even Grandma and Grandpa (Grams and Gramps have FB accounts too) because everyone will start to post it (taking away all the glory and the special moments that you had envisioned for YOUR Engagement)!  Having your bestie find out through Facebook will be bring only lots of hashtags like this…#sadface, #lasttoknow, #bestfriends?  Once you are ready to tell everyone, yes, go FB crazy, Instragram nuts!!  Because we all want to see 300+ likes (I mean lets be real we do)!  Also, if you are on a magical trip to Europe and you would like to keep it between you and your loves for the remainder of the week while you soak in every moment of being together and not tell anyone….this is perfectly fine!! 

2} Be true to You and Your Love Story

So, once you have embraced #1 and have told everyone, you will begin to hear ALL THE TIME…so when is the Big Day?  When will it be so I can request time off from work?  Who is going to be in your wedding party?  And so on and so on.  I am one of the worst at this, because I just can’t wait and I get so excited, but…Lovelies….don’t let this get to you, don’t give in…please, please, please stay who you are and remember what makes Your Love Story unique…You + Me = Forever, should be all that you see, not…Me + Mom + Best Friend from College + Best Friend from High School + Best Friend From Elementary (still thinking about including her) = BEST WEDDING EVER!!  If you want to take several months to marinade on what your perfect day looks like, do.  If you want to consider having 25 guests at your favorite park, do.  If you want to look at having your wedding on top of mountain…in the Swiss Alps, do.  Remember You and how you became Us because the steps to saying “I Do” will be a perfect reflection of Your Always and Forever!

3} Have an Engagement Party

Yes, yes, yes!!!  Who doesn’t want to be the star of a party and show off your ring?  You do!!  And who wants to see you, hug you, and look at your ring (maybe even try it on…just kidding)?  Me!!  Your friends and family are SO elated for you…have a party!!!  The Engagement Party can be intimate with pizza, your favorite boxed wine and a small box of Kleenex that you will need as you reminisce about “those” moments before he got down on one knee.  Or, you can have an extravagant gathering with caterers, champagne, slideshows and live entertainment…whatever is you and your loves (please refer to #2 if you need a refresher of being true to you)! Hosting a celebration of your engagement is a perfect way to get you ready for beginning the wedding planning process!

4} Bonus #4, but it’s a short one – call your local Wedding Planning Expert!  970-420-1478 or ;-) #jollyevents

Thank you my lovelies!  We look forward to spoiling you soon!