5 Ways to incorporate a food truck at your wedding

Yes, you read this correctly, a Food Truck!!  These trucks are kind of a big deal now and what would be more creative (not to mention so gossip worthy) than a Food Truck at your wedding.  Here are some super fun and fabulous ways to make it extraordinary.

1.      At your ceremony—have a coffee truck as your guests enter!  There are definitely some mobile baristas out there would love to take care of your guests a latte (I just had to do it)!  This delightfully delicious idea would be executed best with a signature drink…like Dark Chocolate Cherry Hot Chocolate or Dreamy White Mocha to make sure that the lines go fast as to not miss your grand debut as you walk down the aisle.  Your guests will be warm right from the start all the way to seeing you say your vows. 

2.      Kid friendly reception in the summer and outside?  What better than a snow cone truck! Yes please!!  This is not only refreshing, but so much FUN (and not to mention an activity, which is sure to please Mommy and Daddy…who would love to enjoy a crispy glass of Chardonnay with a side of adult conversation…at least for a few minutes during the reception)!  Just make sure that you have lots of wet wipes around to ensure that all fun is clean too! 

3.      Cupcake truck—yumminess!!  This idea is brilliant and one that even if your wedding reception is inside you still have it!!  Your guests, young and old, will feel so cool going and picking out their own delicious flavor or just have one flavor…the coolness factor will still be off the charts!

4.      Taco Truck waiting outside for all your guests when they leave—a little midnight snack!  Let’s face it weddings are a time to celebrate with lots of champagne (or other adult beverages) and with lots of dancing…both will leave you with a yearning for something in your tummy!  So…say “hello taco truck!” on your way out and enjoy!  The best part about this, other than the to-die-for hot sauce is if you can keep this a secret…ssshhh…tell your guests about 2 hours before the reception concludes so they can give you some well-deserved props for an idea well done!!  Maybe even incorporate a hashtag to have all the late night shenanigans be documented….like #thenewmrandmrstylerlatenightfun

5.     Waffle Truck the day after your wedding—parked right outside of your house!  Your wedding day was beyond amazing, your guests are still complimenting you on Eve.ry.thing, and now…one more shebang before all depart…a waffle truck!!  This is a sure-fire way to leave a lasting impression on your guests.  This is a super casual way to make your way around expressing gratitude to all your family and friends for being there for you! 

We can't wait to help you all add your special touch to your special day!  I look forward to spoiling you!