Wonderfully Fun Ideas For You and Your Guests During The Holidays

Tis the season to be Jolly!!  And this is SO true and one that we (of course) live by…daily, however during the holiday season this is when our Jolliness is in full effect!  We are addicted to being around others which includes family and friends and children (yours included)!!  So much that sometimes it would be beneficial to have things planned (we love planning) so that each day there is not the silence or “discussions” of what should be do today…because if you are like my super large family sometimes these will take for.ev.er. and by the time we all coordinate you could have watch the whole second season of Sex in the City!  So here are some brilliantly FUN ideas for you and your holiday guests that will include everyone young and wise and won’t cost any money (yeah, because dividing that up can be tricky)!  Cheers to simple, entertaining, and magical memories—

Play Games—Uummm…WOW, Emily that was creative…no silly, not your traditional games (like Monopoly or Apples to Apples, although a total blast), go play games that bring you back (back to when you were a little lovely).  Like Hide and Go Seek, Duck-Duck-Goose, I Spy, or Red Rover…I mean come on, these are PRICELESS games and they will surely make you want to be back in 2nd Grade on the playground.  Not to mention that all can play and nothing but your imagination and happy spirit are required. 

Have a Play or a Talent Show—if you are related to me (you are shaking your head with excitement) as there are definitely some very, very beautiful memories of our plays.  Have one of the older kiddos be the Director of the show and have them organize the flow and rehearsal and then the Grand Show!  While all the creative minds are busy getting all prepared, the adults are given some time to have one on one conversation (which will be much appreciated).  When the show is about to debut, go as far as to sell tickets to the show, have some popcorn ready and don’t forget the camcorder (or your iPhone) …you will not want to miss this!! Yeah memories!!

Be Active—Nothing starts a day off right, than a cup of coffee (haha) AND some outdoor activity of course!  One recommendation for this is don’t make this optional….ALL are to come and ALL are to have fun!  One thing we always do is to look at the tags of our little ones pants to make sure that they are wearing their “happy pants” and if we feel they aren’t we go have them change…too funny, huh?  Anyways, this doesn’t have to be a long journey, but something that will rejuvenate and energize you (or tucker out the little ones because this is always good) for the remainder of the day.  Maybe walk to a park.  Go sledding.  Throw a Frisbee.  Go get active my lovelies…all of you!!

Have a little Friendly Competition—if you are like our family, once the presents are opened there is a tremendous amount of boxes and wrapping paper galore…but, not the energy to clean up (because that would symbolize that it is over), so take all the fixins’ and have a Holiday Fort Competition.  Yes, that is correct!  Divide into {2} teams, delegate a captain and build the BEST Holiday Fort with only the items from the morning…boxes, wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, etc.  Depending on how intricate you would like to be each team will be giving a pair of scissors, glue, and duct tape, or nothing…I mean there will still be tape on the wrapping paper, right?!  Each team will present their Holiday Fort in front of the judges aka Grandma and Grandpa and the Grand Prize will be lots and lots of hugs (P.S. don’t tell them that LOVE is there reward)!  However, having a tie (because both forts are just incredible) is most definitely okay…and probably recommended to maintain holiday cheer throughout the day. 

Have a Scavenger Hunt—you as the hostess with the mostess will need to create the items, but that will be easy for you…as you are fabulous and can whip this up in no time!!  The items should be very achievable, yet the wiser group should be challenged as well.  For instance:  {3} different flavors of candy canes, a picture of someone in a Christmas Sweater with the first name that starts with “S,” a cup of hot cocoa…etc.  You could even get all the neighbors involved and have a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Party…brilliant! 

Sing Christmas Carols—so we never did this growing up, however my hubby is from a very musical family and so this is always a part of our holiday season!  We will gather around the piano and--the sopranos will meet the “out of tuners” and all will be merry and bright!!  You will absolutely feel like you are on a Hallmark movie…which is…so sweet!! 

However you plan on spending your holidays…make sure you always remember that those you spend it with are special and enrich your lives.  Although it may be chaotic at times (because all holiday gatherings are sure to have some moments), those are the “moments” that will forever stand out in your mind for years to come.  Cheers to you and to making more memories this holiday season!  Cheers!