5 Ways to Rock Your Wedding Speech!

Hello my lovelies—So, You have been The Chosen One…the MOH or the BM!! (Maid of Honor or Best Man, for the uninitiated)  Congratulations (yes, it is confirmed, you are the favorite)!  Well before you let this all go to your head please know that you are now in charge of giving a speech…don’t be nervous; we are here for you…please enjoy these

 5 Tips for a superstar toast:

1.      Don’t procrastinate---whoops kind of notorious for this…well, for this time, my lovely, we suggest that you begin weeks if not months in advance.  We understand that you were a Speech Major in college or that you give presentations for a living…but, this is a toast to be full of heart and soul and one that you can’t “do over”.  This is the one time that I suggest you take your time and do lots and lots of drafts to make it spectacular.  I mean your fabulosity factor must remain intact if not skyrocket after this speech, right?!

2.      Don’t write it word for word---because all you will do is read it, look down, and no one will listen!  No matter how many great, funny jokes you have in there, your guests will just be thinking “goodness, they are reading it” and that is all they will notice.  Use bullet points or cues in your notes if you must write it down.  Or…say it from memory…yes, you will be brilliant!!  One of The Best toasts that I have experienced was from a FOB (Father of the Bride) and the entire time he was looking straight into his daughter’s eyes and saying thoughtful, meaningful words and praise.  It was SO goosebump-tear worthy and believe me his daughter, not to mention every guest there will remember his kind loving words!

3.      Practice—yes!!  Several times!!  This is what you have been waiting for…an actual real life moment to stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself to see how you look (or am I the only one that does this frequently?) J  Once you have received rave reviews from your friend the mirror, go to your significant other or bestie (not the one getting married, silly) and perform in front of them.  Really, this should be taken as seriously as if you were in a play.  If you take this step to heart and practice…when the Big Time arrives to get on “stage” and the microphone is handed to you, you will pull it off with ease, class and sophistication!  Bam!

4.      Use Props—why?  Because they are fun and are great to incorporate with your stories.  Please remember that you are standing next to The Most Incredible Person you know and therefore have a plethora of things that make your togetherness fun.  For instance a favorite cassette tape that you played on repeat a gagillion times—like Britney Spears—forget the skirt (you all know what I am talking about).  Or, a friendship bracelet or Best Friend Charm Necklace (that you still have in your jewelry box, but your bestie doesn’t know).  Or, better yet…make a slideshow of your shenanigans and how you became a team…a Best Friend Team.  Once you have made the guests LOVE you with your wit, charm and dazzling visuals make sure you always wind it down with some warm and sincere words of how your life is more enriched with them in it.  And always…go to #5 for the grand finale.  

5.      Bring up your glass of champagne—and make sure to conclude with, “please raise your glass and toast to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the most inspirational couple I have ever met….”  This is probably the most forgotten item from all speeches raising your glass and having a toast…which is understandable because you are crying, the Bride and Groom are sobbing and all you want to do is hug them and hand back the mic because you did it (The Speech is over and now you can start to really have fun)!  Just remember this one little suggestion and your speech will be forever one talked about!

Giving a speech can be very scary…but it shouldn't be!  Remember we are here for you and can definitely be there to take care of you.  We look forward to spoiling you soon!