Winter Wedding Welcome Bags For Your Guests

Hello lovelies!  Are you getting married soon in a Winter Wonderland?  Then you are probably tired of hearing all about this being Engagement Season and would like some practical guidance on Wintertime Weddings.  Well my dear…here we go!! 

Having a Welcome Bag presented to your guests upon their arrival at your accommodations is such a nice touch!  You will display gratitude and great hostess characteristics right from the start with this.  So…should what you include in the welcome bag be different than those in the summer months…yes!  And here is why…the weather is different, the feeling is different, the environment is different…so naturally, yes the welcome bag contents should be different…there are some definite “must haves” that you no matter what time of year you should include! 


Bottle Water—you know to stay hydrated

Aspirin/Tylenol—to alleviated headaches from dehydration, celebration, or just aches from snowshoeing

Band-Aids—everyone could use this “just in case item.”

Friendly Tips about Elevation—an insert with some common facts about elevation is always nice for your out of town guests, because elevation sickness can be no fun and Your Wedding is all about Fun, so educating is great! 

Boulder Chips—because they are SO yummy—and like a Colorado staple

Micro Beer—see “Boulder Chips”

Now in addition to Essentials here are some Winter Wondrous Items to make your Welcome Bag—Winterrific!! 

Deck of Cards—When it is cold and snowy outside, cozy up with some hot cocoa and a nice game of solitary and call it a Great Afternoon!  Or for those from the Midwest—play a little Euchre—just make sure that you have your alarm set so you don’t miss out on the Wedding Festivities (for those who have played this, you know how much you can get consumed with this)!

Pair of mittens—the small little ones that you can find anywhere and in lots of colors

“Something to warm you up” Package—With an assortment of Hot Tea, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate Packets (maybe even with some little marshmallows)

Chapstick—because no one wants dry lips for a Wedding

Hand Warmers—This would be a perfect addition for all my lovelies that love to have a little DIY project!  You can make this super cute…with the outside fabric being the colors of your wedding or having your names sown into it.  If you want more details…we can get this for you!   

Ornament—Especially around the holidays—grab a box of several gold, silver, and red round ornaments plus a metallic color Sharpie and write a little something special on each one of them.  Make sure you put the date so Your Day will always be remembered and dazzling their tree each year…plus, it is a brilliant way for them to remember your Anniversary!! 

Candy canes—Ummmm because they are FUN no matter what age you are!!

Sparklers---recommended for ADULT ONLY FUN!!  However, if Your Wedding is around the New Year—Yes, great addition!!

Blow Horns/Hats/Confetti—Again great for a New Year’s Eve Wedding!!

There you go my lovelies!  Please, please always stay true to you and Your Love Story—so if there is something that is so “you two,” include it!  No matter what time of year it is…Be You!  If you would like more ideas or would like our team just to design these for you we are here!!  We look forward to spoiling you soon!!