The {3} Words That Make Every Wedding Planner Turn Into a Gladiator

The {3} Words that make every Wedding Planner turn into a Gladiator

Lovelies!  Those {3} little words that make me go into my magic phone booth and twirl around and come out with a cape (with a proud JE on the back) and shiny new stiletto shoes are…”I am overwhelmed!”  Screech….Wedding Planner to the rescue!  I am not sure if you are as BIG of fan as I am of the TV show Scandal but they have a name for their team - Gladiators.  Where they make everything better.  We are YOUR Gladiator.  Always.  Every moment.  Regardless of these {3} little words…BUT, when we hear these from you lips, our capes of JE Magic are in full gear.  As your Wedding Planner we are fully honored to be there for you on Your Big Day and delighted to be a part of such a raw, special moment.  We do NOT take this role lightly, instead we embrace every moment and want to make it all perfect…For You!!  We want the wedding planning process to be seamless, incredibly smooth, and so, so enjoyable for you.  IF you walk into a wedding venue and start to have an anxiety attack due to all the questions that you still don’t have the answers to (btw this is totally okay), then this is not fun!  You deserve fun!  Wedding Planner to the rescue!  IF you sit down to create Your Wedding Guest List and get to You + Your Love, and find this exhausting and you would rather go clean your bathrooms because that is more relaxing I think this would be a time to reach out to a Wedding Planner (I mean, unless cleaning your bathroom is a way to decompress…some of my lovely Wedding Planners bake to relax and wind down…uuuummmm….what?!  If bathroom cleaning is your thing, great!  Shiny bathrooms are fun!)  Basically, what I am trying to say is…we would be proud to be Your Gladiator aka Your Wedding Planner.  Please enjoy every moment and if you aren’t…maybe it is time to click your heels together {3} times and say “there is no place like Jolly Events.” And we will be there for you!  Capes, stilettos and all!  Have a lovely day my lovelies!

We look forward to spoiling you soon!