Taking Care of Your Guests - Setting Up a Room Block

Taking care of your guests…Step 1…setting up a Wedding Room Block

Preparing your guests list for your wedding is one of the most exciting and thrilling parts of your big day journey because this will encompass the most special and impactful people in your lives.  This is why the process of “taking care” of your guests should begin right away with setting up a Wedding Room Block.  Unless you have a 10 bedroom mansion that can accommodate everyone or you really don’t mind having 25 people staying in your home as you try to have a few “tranquil” moments the days leading up to the wedding, having a place for your guests to stay is crucial.   The best part of a Wedding Room Block is that it is a complimentary service (most of the time).  We will now go over several ways to go about this:

Option 1) Have Jolly Events take care of this for you…highly recommend this option (of course, because then we would be pampering YOU as well, which is what we do and how you should enjoy this journey). 

Option 2) Reach out to all hotels (or a couple that are close to your wedding venue), and/or bed and breakfast places to see what “special” rate they would be able to offer to your guests.  Typically these places will be able to provide you with an exclusive rate (better than the standard rate) that only your guests will be able to receive.  Most hotels have a certain amount (typically 10 rooms per night) that they would be able to set up with your Wedding Block.  The Rooms and Rate would be available to your guests until a cut-off date that they would be able to get this set up (around 4 weeks out from your wedding).  At the time the cut-off date has come the rooms that have not been reserved within your wedding block will be released into the system and your guests would receive the Standard Rate if they reserved after this time.  Your Wedding Room Block is held under the last names of you and your fiancée, for instance Bride, Emily Jolly and Groom, Paul Birdsall would be under the Jolly-Birdsall Wedding Room Block (ahh, sweet memories). Providing your guests with more than one option is always a very nice gesture and it’s a complimentary service, so why not! 

Your guests will be provided with all this information on your Save the Dates or Wedding Website, which would include detailed instructions of location, contact information (Hotels number, because you are NOT the main contact for this, pretty please, just take my advice), rate (for standard king, double, suites, etc.) and when the cutoff date is for this block.  Please note:  You cannot control your guests and when they decide to make their reservations…some are just procrastinators (I am one of them and not matter how much I try to change, it just is and now I embrace it and the additional money that it costs me) and some guests just enjoy living on the edge and “hoping” for the better rate as the date approaches.  Remember you can only do so much….remember the friendly reminder that you provided them with your Save the Date, Wedding Website, and by having your Wedding Coordinator from Jolly Events there to take care of this for you (yes…I am pulling for us and that you call me!)  (please notice how much longer #2 was than #1).

Some questions to ask when you are setting this up would be:

*What happens when all 10 Rooms are reserved quickly?  Some establishments will continue to add more rooms into your block until the cutoff date or the types of rooms that are being requested are sold out.  Some will not.  This is why those who are motivated will win the race…or this is why you make Mom and Dad call for Grandma and Grandpa!


*What is included in the Room Rate?  Wifi? Breakfast?  etc…It is always nice to have done a little research for your guests and to provide this information on your Save the Date and Website. 

*Is there a swimming pool?  Is there a fitness center?  Will both be open during my wedding?  These are such FUN amenities (mainly speaking of the swimming pool, of course), to all, especially children and nothing is more disheartening than to have it closed for “repairs” during the time that your guests are there and tears from an adult because they can’t do their elliptical is also never good. 

*Is there a shuttle or transportation?  What are the times and is this a complimentary service?  Some of your guests might want to do a little sight-seeing or a little brew touring (if you are in the Fort Collins area…you all understand), and having a ride to and from is a nice perk.  Being a main stop for a shuttle/transportation service, whether this be a rental car company or an airport service, can often be one of the deciding factors of whether or not your guests choose to stay there….because convenience to them is ideal.     

Creating a Wedding Room Block is setting the stage for your FABULOUS Event and something that is vital for your guests.  The amount of gratitude that you will receive will be worth it all.  Remember that Jolly Events is here to make your wedding day and journey completely blissful and stress free…plus, all the praise will be given to YOU (we won’t tell that Jolly Events called and set up the block)…it will be our secret…you just continue enjoying being pampered.  Look forward to being there for you!