And the Countdown Begins….

Good day my beautiful brides,

Happy day to you…do you know what today is?  It is one day closer to one of the most memorable, special, and enchanted day of your lives!  If your reaction is to cringe, feel physically sick, or want to go back to bed and forget all about it, we need to chat! 

The other day I had a delightful first meeting with a sweet bride whose wedding is just 45 days away (she actually even knew how many hours, minutes and seconds as well, which I was totally impressed with).  My natural thought was that she was so excited and couldn’t wait because of all the “counting down” that was going on.  So our meeting would be a glorious time of her telling me about her blissful journey with a twinkle in her eye, and nothing but charming words to describe her journey thus far.  I was giddy, my face was glued with a smile from ear to ear, and with a coffee in my hand…I was ready!

As we started our conversation she began with telling me how the beginning process was so enjoyable, picking out her vendors, going to bridal shows, and dress fittings (here comes the vivid descriptions that I was anticipating) and then her eyes began to well up (here comes the twinkle), no…wait…here comes the tears.  I can handle tears, but then came sobs and the hyperventilating (the I can’t breathe sort of crying, where we can’t even get a word out, hyperventilating…we have all had one of these cries)…and then the dreaded words that, I as a Wedding Coordinator, don’t like to hear… "I wish we would have just eloped!”  This is considered CODE RED within my company, this is hearing finger nails on the chalk board, this is when I am the “most” needed and when I feel like I should go to the bathroom and spin around really fast, gain my cape and suit of décor, and come out like Superman (but, I would be wearing heels).  Emily to the rescue…

I quickly gained a Kleenex (several) and with each one, I began to wipe away the tears, those “thoughts” that were swirling her mind and experience, and I at that very moment began to take care of her.  Let me say this again: I began to take care of her.  By the end of the meeting she felt the weight lifted off her shoulders and placed on mine and my team’s (which we like)!  She felt that these next 45 days were going to be exactly how they should be…Incredible.  Full of pamper, coordination, and joy…exactly how it should be! 

Jolly Events is here for you and we are ready and willing to take care of you!  There is never a time frame that is necessary for us to meet and begin to assist you…whether it is 20, 32, or 70 days away from your Wedding Day, we are ready!  So, let’s start the countdown to when you and I meet. :) 

Have a lovely day and I look forward to hearing from you!

As always, enjoy every moment!

Xoxo Emily