Tastefully Great Ideas for Friends - Place Cards!

Hello and Good Morning! 

This T.G.I.F. makes me really excited!  Not only because it is Friday, but because I get to share one of my thoughtful, creative and so easily added décor ideas to make your event even more amazing!

Drum roll please…Place Cards!  

A Place Card has your guest’s name on it with where they are seated (table number or name).  Place Cards can be displayed on a table in alphabetical order.  Upon your guest’s arrival they will be greeted with their name and correspondence of where they will be seated or the place cards could be placed on their table already (I recommend doing this with a small intimate affair).  Regardless of how many guests you are dazzling a place card is such a nice “elegant” added touch to an already memorable gathering.  Remember to make every event enjoyable and create memories (or gossip amongst your friends) so that they will continue to talk about you and how wonderful your gatherings are.  Cheers to Place Cards!