Color You Pretty - Style Purple

Good Morning my Lovelies,

Happy Day to You! 

As we start our beautiful day out (with a cup of coffee in our hands and lip gloss perfectly placed on our lips), we begin to work diligently, emails are opened, client files are placed in front of you…and let the work day begin…”Good Morning Pinterest” you say quietly with a glowing smile…okay, so you KNOW we all are guilty of this - I mean how can we resist?  Not to mention that you’re the master at having one eye open and on the boss (who thinks you are fabulous, naturally) and you continue to reach and exceed your sales goals, plus the way you can minimize the screen lightning fast is almost a new talent (so much you have even thought of posting on FB about it).  PLUS, you are planning a wedding and this is extremely important that you get everything right!! 

Well…my dears…if this is YOU...your first step is to bookmark this:…these next 12 days (and possibly a bonus day at the end) are for you to indulge in and, yes, continue to be the best “Incognito Princes-terst (Princess of Pinterst).”  As each day we are going to showcase a color for Your Wedding!!  The best color combinations, glamorous décor that incorporate the colors, and classy themes that will please your eyes and impress your guests.  You deserve this little time of pampering…so, sit back (I mean, up in your swivel corporate chair) and enjoy.

Our first color is…PURPLE!!  Purple comes in so many different tones and shades that “simply” stating purple doesn't give it the proper introduction.  Therefore, we would like for you all to meet: 









Please immerse yourself in our Pinterest Board (Purple// Wedding + Events) on our Jolly Events Pinterest Site and ENJOY!!

Please note:   Jolly Events Coordinators can assist you with design, theme, coordination and everything to make YOUR Day come alive…so never stop day dreaming about Your Wedding Day, however, let’s make those dreams become a reality!! 

We look forward to spoiling you soon!

P.S.  Tomorrow’s Color is....a SURPRISE (yes, I just did that)! 


Xoxo Emily