Color You Pretty - Style Red

Happy Morning Gorgeous,

Please pour yourself a hot cup of tea (maybe even go and get yourself a NEW Oprah Chai from Starbucks, she sent some personally to me, and it is delicious…okay, so that might have been a dream), but whatever is your inspirational drink this morning, it is time to sit back and enjoy…because are you “red-y” for our color for the day? 

It is RED, and such a succulent and romantic color that is holds many names and shades.  Some names you might see are:    



Dark Red

Fire Brick





Due to it being such a bold color, your Wedding Day will for sure provide a memorable statement and it will leave a lasting impression on those who attend.  Your guests will be surely amazed and you will receive some much deserved praise for your style. 

Please relish in some divine and classy ideas and décor that we have here for you!!

Have a wonderful day, continue to be fabulous and we look forward to spoiling you soon!!