Color You Pretty - Style Pink

Hello and Happy Friday!!

To some this is their favorite day of the week…I prefer Thursday (Emily Tidbit)…why Thursday you ask?  Because it is one of the last days leading up to the most…magical, breathtaking, splendid, events of your lives…Your Wedding Weekend.  I am always beyond honored and flattered to be asked to be a part of such an emotional, frozen in time, floating on air day full of memories and moments to never forget.  Thursday (and even sooner), is when I am able to be there fully by your side, taking care of the final touches so you can enjoy and soak in every second.  Your eyes don’t stress over the final details, mine do.  Your hands don’t lift a finger to center the cake, mine do.  Your ears don’t listen for “the bouquets have arrived,” mine do.  Your eyes will be focused on your soul mate at the end of the aisle.  Your hands will be caressed by each and every guest, especially your near and dear grandpa that has made such an impression on your life.  Your ears will be singing with each syllable during your vows.  The beginning of Your Forever, will be taken care of…by me.

Well, now that was sort of a tangent, wasn’t it….and so early in the day.  I am sorry, my lovelies, I can’t control it when I begin to think about Love.  And speaking of LOVE…our color of the day, PINK, is one that I have grown so fond of.  It has so many different ways to be described:


Hot Pink






Due to such a wide variety and such elegant color combinations, you will find that there is more than one Pinterest Board for you to enjoy…so much fun!! 

Pink! -

Blush! -

Please enjoy and have a truly wonderful, magical day!!

I look forward to spoiling you soon!