Color You Pretty - Style Green

Hello my beauties!


Monday-Funday (so, maybe I got that wrong), but today, my gorgeous friends we are going to have FUN…because why not, and everyday should be started off in a HAPPY Way!! 

First, a little quote or should I say, “words of awesomeness” to put a little pep in your step for the day (I always start my day off with some time to harness my chi and reflect on how I can be more amazing…because in return you get the Best Me to take care of you)!  Please enjoy,

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous” –Coco Chanel

Absolutely agree…please don’t ever forget how wonderful and beautiful you are! 

Now on to…The Color of the Day…which by the way makes me giddy, because without going outside of the color palette, you can create SO many beautiful color combinations!  Drumroll please…I am so excited to showcase this today, please welcome GREEEN to the stage (a little Price is Right, I know, but I just couldn’t resist). 

Here are some color combinations—

 Apple Green + Chartreus

Forest Green + Lime

Olive + Mint + Teal

Lime + Teal

Mint + Emerald

Pistachio + Forest Green

Teal + Pistachio

Chartreus + Olive + Mint

Emerald + Teal

Now, on to some more fun…please immerse yourself into my newest Pinterest Board to see some of these color combinations come to life—for Your Wedding, Social Event, or an Elegant Celebration!!!

Have an incredible day and don’t forget to be two things today….classy and fabulous (which won’t be hard, because you already are)!!

I look forward to spoiling you soon!!