Memorial Day Weekend!

Good morning my friends!

As we approach the holiday weekend we all begin to ponder that inevitable question, “what may I bring to your BBQ?”  This is usually when I, without even a blink of hesitation, raise my hand (in my mind) and state “chips!”  Because you can’t have a BBQ without chips…and let's be real…who has time to cook…when you have Kimye’s Wedding going on (I don’t know about you, but my mind is dis-tract-ed and totally floating off into never-Paris-land, envisioning all the loveliness and sparkle that will be held there today).  BUT, as I write this, I feel that you my dear lovely friends, deserve a little bit more of me…SO…with that I dazzle you today with a little spoiled-love and a shout out to one of my FAVORITE holiday dishes.  Not only is this recipe one super delish creation, but it is adored by all—let the chitter-chat of the BBQ clan begin—with YOU my friend being the star!! 

 I owe all the credit and glory for this dish to my Grandma, she introduced it to me and I have loved eating it ever since.  She continues to tell me that I chop my Snickers up too big and I eat too much of the ingredients before mixing, but nevertheless, she thinks I am a pretty great chef (okay, so you can’t mess this dish up, like at all, so although I put chef in the last sentence…I chuckle…because I am so not a chef, just a good mixer).

 Apple-Snicker Salad—Creative Name, I know!



Apple (Red, not green—these are too tart)

Snickers (the King Size—lots)

Whip Cream (not Redi-Whip)



Cut up equal parts of apple and snickers and place into a bowl, if you like more apples-great!  If you like more Snickers—sweeten it up!  Once you are ready to go to the BBQ Gathering, mix in the whip cream so each individual bite has a little layer of whip cream on it.  And to make it nice a pretty—because presentation is key—add a little bit of shaved chocolate to the top…magnificent!  Bon appétit! 

With this little delight, I always bring something tasty to drink—for a Memorial Day Celebration, I might indulge in a Sparkling Wine (something light and refreshing) or a Summer Ale paired with a piece of fruit.  Remember to bring enough to enjoy for yourself and a few others—because your besties of course want to know what you are drinking---because you are a trend setter!!

However you choose to celebrate this weekend—always remember how wonderful you are and being fabulous means to be responsible as well.