Tastefully Great Ideas for Friends - Mother's Day!

Let’s Celebrate You… Mom, Grandma, Auntie…anyone that has been an influential motherly role model in your life.  Let’s take it up a notch this year, and make it so memorable that tears of joy will be streaming and you will be (continue to be…) the favorite! 

On Mother’s Day all we want to be is pampered, spoiled, and completely taken care from sunrise to sunset...AND since this is what myself and my fabulous team of Event Coordinators do on a daily basis with all our clients it only seems natural to give you some amazing ideas to bring your day from “good” to “GOODness you are so incredibly thoughtful, I love it!!”

When hosting a Mother’s Day Brunch whether it is a quaint gathering or a grand affair, make sure that your Mom feels special throughout by adding these simple additions:

Place (1) stem of your Mom’s favorite flower at each place setting.  You can put it on each napkin delicately or you can wrap it with twine tucked only peeking the flower bud outside.  Even if you are indulging in Breakfast in Bed or a Neighborhood Mother’s Day Brunch Potluck, just a little added “special” touch to a napkin will surely receive a beaming smile from your Mom.  


Wine Glasses tied with some thoughtful advice.  We have all had Wine Glass Indicators/Markers that allow us to remember which glass we have while enjoying our gathering.  For your Mother’s Day Event this year, have a small tag that expresses the “Best Advice or Words of Inspiration” that you received from your Mom…always crediting Mom (of course!)  Reach out to those guests beforehand to have them express to you their thoughts and have everything in place before the “Guests of Honor” arrive.  This will surely be the talk of the event as everyone enjoys reminiscing and Moms will be so impressed that you actually were listening to them when you were younger.  Or, have your guests fill them out as they arrive, it is always fun to have an activity or icebreaker depending on how many guests you are anticipating.  If you are having an outdoor gala and don’t want to have glassware outdoors (you can still bedazzle red solo cups!), put a Sharpie Pen next to the plastic cups with a little note with directions. 


If some of you are like myself…and ONE day just is not enough to be pampered and you want to dote on your special gal all day long here is a thought…a scavenger hunt to all of your favorite places or most memorable occasions.  First, an extravaganza like this will surely provide you with brownie points for a very long time.  It also will require lots of preparation, maybe a babysitter, and several kind “phrases/rhymes/loving words.”  This may require some reinforcement from some fabulous event coordinators…and this is where we come in! 

You can begin at home with your “favorite meal”…it doesn’t have to coordinate with the time of day…you can have meatloaf (my favorite) at any time!!  Next take a bike ride to your favorite store to shop at, go get a manicure, or walk to your neighbors for “reminiscing.”  Midday could be a surprise picnic, happy hour, or a nap (who doesn’t love naps)!!  The day would be concluded with Champagne and Strawberries watching the sunset, making dinner, or watching a movie with buttered (extra if you please) popcorn.  Of course, if you want to reserve a Bed and Breakfast or a night at a swanky hotel or set up a tent in your backyard, go for it…whatever your pretty special someone would love and feel incredibly SPECIAL!! 

The next morning wake up to a walk with a cup of coffee, hand in hand (you are never too old to hold your Mom’s hand or arm), or do a crossword puzzle together, anything as long as you are together.  Next off to get a massage, plant some flowers or herbs together, or even an air balloon ride (yes, this is magical and what a way to conclude a beautiful day)!  The weekend can be concluded with lots of hugs and kisses.

However you spend your Mother’s Day it will be amazing because you will be with those who you love.  Love every moment together and know that sometimes you just need (or want) someone to take care of all the details….that is where myself and my coordinators are honored to come in and provide this for you!! 

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies!!  I hope to spoil you soon!