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Hello and Happy 2015!!  Today we embrace such warm fuzzy feelings as it has been a blissful year since we officially “launched “Jolly Events!  We reached levels of success in our “first” year (we say first in quotation marks, because really, we’ve been meant to do this all our lives) that we never imagined.  We are beyond grateful for the support, guidance, and unconditional welcome that we received from the most incredibly talented industry professionals that we now call friends and mentors.  We were incredibly humbled by our beautiful clients allowing us the privilege to be by their sides on the Most Special Days in their lives and for this we will be forever impacted in such a meaningful way.  We have grown to new levels with our lovely team aka lovelies, making each day so much fun and inspirational.  We truly love what we do and surround ourselves with delightfully amazing people.  And it’s all thanks to all of you!  We look forward to 2015 being full of optimism, excitement, and know that we are stepping into this year (with stilettos, of course) completely dedicated to spoiling everyone and every moment/event!  We can’t wait to meet you and to have our 2015 be enriched with you being a part of it.  Cheers to you and to those that make your heart full!