Ho Ho Hostess Gifts!

Christmas Present.png

It’s officially the holiday season which means you probably have a couple holiday party invitations hanging on your fridge. Or perhaps you are newly engaged and visiting the home of your future in-laws. Before you go make sure you don't arrive empty handed. Hostess gifts are such a thoughtful and lovely way to show your appreciation for their hospitality.  

There are so many wonderful gift options for during the holiday season. If you’re not sure what to give your host or hostess here are a few festive ideas: 

  • A poinsettia 

  • Holiday scented candles 

  • Cookies or other baked goods 

  • Christmas tree ornament 

  • Holiday flavored liquor 

  • Hot chocolate mix 

  • Holiday napkins 

  • Candies 

Hosting a party or dinner can take a lot of time and effort. After cooking and cleaning all day, your host will probably be exhausted at the end of the night. Give your host or hostess something they can use the next morning such as homemade banana bread, a fruit basket, an assortment of tea or gourmet coffee. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but they will love having something delicious for the next morning! 

Some other great gift ideas that are appropriate for any time of the year include: 

  • A fresh bouquet  

  • Potted plant 

  • Soaps  

  • Bottle of wine 

  • Candles 

  • Decorative tea towel 

  • Craft beer  

So if you are wondering whether or not to bring a gift the next party you attend, the answer is YES!