Wedding Abbreviations!

A few months ago, my dear hubby and I were traveling and he says “let’s go visit the MOA.”  I turn to him and say “what is the MOA?”  I am thinking that it is a super chic coffee shop (which makes me excited)!  He turns to me, with his head cockeyed (kind of like our Golden Retriever does when he hears the word "outside”) and says “You don’t know what the MOA is?  Aren’t you from the Midwest?”  I begin to get a little defensive…I mean, “technically” I am not from the Midwest, my parents are…so does that justify the fact that I have NO idea what the MOA is?  My love can sense this and explains to me that the MOA stands for Mall of America; it's just is a short abbreviation.  I feel like no one knows this and he continues with a smirk that like everyone in America knows what MOA stands for.  Okay….so I guess I am a part of the 1% that didn’t…so now I do and I feel more complete!  Good thing that I had this “a-ha moment” with my hubby and not in front of a client…because I would have looked so silly…which is somewhat normal.  Anyways…so I thought let me not have this happen to any of my dear couples because in the wedding and event industry we use abbreviations often!!  For instance if I begin to talk about your STD’s I don’t want your mother to think that I am referencing a more private issue (because that would be super humiliating and such an awkward first impression).  So…I have since created a list for you to have in your Wedding Binder just in case you need to reference it and to look super fab (fabulous) as you start to incorporate this into your own vocab (vocabulary)!  Here you go my lovelies!  Enjoy and we look forward to spoiling you soon!

Wedding Abbreviations 101—oh and they are in alphabetical order for you as well…mwah!!

AHR-At Home Reception


BF-Boyfriend (not to be confused with best friend, BFF, which will be referenced on wedding boards to differentiate)


BM-Best Man or Bridesmaid

BP-Bridal Party

DW-Destination Wedding

E-Party-Engagement Party

E-Ring-Engagement Ring

FFIL-Future Father-in-law

FH-Future Husband




FMIL-Future Mother-in-law

FNF-Friends and Family

FOB-Father of the Bride

FOG-Father of the Groom

FSIL-Future Sister-in-law

FW-Future Wife





IHO-In Honor Of


JP-Justice of the Peace

LDR-Long Distance Relationship

LTBM-Living Together before Marriage


MOB-Mother of the Bride

MOG-Mother of the Groom

MOH-Maid or Matron of Honor

MUA-Make-up Artist

NH-New Husband

NWR-Not Wedding Related

OOTG-Out of Town Guests

OOTB-Out of Town Gift Bags

OTT-Over the Top

RB-Ring Bear

RD-Rehearsal Dinner


SO-Significant Other

STBMrs-Soon to Be Mrs.

STDs-Save-the-Date Cards

WP-Wedding Party or Wedding Planner