As the saying goes…when in Rand (wait, no, that's not right….) 


This past weekend, my lovelies and I had the pleasure of doing a few venue site tours (as we do with every wedding) to have us visually see every aspect of Your Big Day.  We want to see every crevice of the venue, every smell of our surroundings, and all the details of our environment.  We want to memorize this, soak it in, and become great friends, as we are going to be ONE when it comes to The Day….Your Wedding Day!  To ensure this we always go by the venue in its most raw state….why, because the natural elements are the best to “see” what every day looks like.  We are all at our best when we know someone is watching or they are anticipating us…when we are a Friendly Surprise we get the most “real” and that is exactly what we need to see to really KNOW. 

This past weekend we did a venue site tour in Steamboat Springs and in Rand, Colorado…and what goes best with both….S’mores…so that is what we did…..we had some FUN!  Enjoy some of our pictures…p.s. we are not photographers…just super creative lovelies with a camera (such a big difference).