Color Story - The Not So Mellow Yellows

With spring upon us, our team at Jolly Events is excited to bring yellow into bloom! Whether painting a soft pastel pallet or accentuating the brightness of sunshine into your day, this long-time favorite offers more possibilities than you might realize. 


Go for the Bold

For those of us who wouldn’t gravitate toward yellow naturally, you might find that contrasting a color you love like royal blue or a deep, rich purple with sunflowers highlights the tones you already have in place and causes them to truly stand out. Not only will these happy flowers make your blues brighter and your purples richer, the dramatic look of them makes for fantastic centerpieces and bouquets!     


Rustic Romance

Twine, dark wood, raffia and burlap. Set the stage for natural beauty by using Billy Buttons and Solidago to add warmth to the look of your countryside wedding. Use simple glass jars wrapped with twine or bundles of these lovely flowers hanging upside down. Any way you display them, these lovely bits of yellow add character and charm.


Pretty Pastels

Donning a lighter shade of yellow is perfect for when you want to reflect the softness of spring. Pair it with light green and white, and watch the sunlight pour in through every aspect of your event!


Fire Tones

Want a dramatic look that will leave your guests breathless? Use splashes of orange and red with a bold yellow and contrast this trio with turquoise. Not only will the fiery flowers and vibrant colors look beautiful and daring, the crispness of the turquoise will create a fire and ice affect that is sure to fascinate.


Going Green

Not so into pastel, but still love the feel of springtime? Try pairing a bright yellow with two different shades of green. Lime will bring a spark of fun while a darker green will ground the arrangement, blending it with every other element of your event. There are so many different greens that can be found in plants and leaves of every sort; we say go nuts and bring as many of them into the mix as you want! The more shapes and textures you have to array, the more it will highlight your yellow.