Color Story - The Mean Greens


Want to incorporate your favorite colors into your wedding, but you aren’t quite sure how to do it? Fear not! There are many creative ways to mix and match colors that wouldn’t normally be paired together by crafting them into your design in creative ways. 

For our “Color of the Week” project, our team was given royal blue and a soft jade green to pair for a wedding we are designing this summer. Ironically, (as has been the case every week we have done this) each of our coordinators went with a completely different method on achieving this goal. 

Bright and Beautiful

Sometimes adding a third color to balance out the two you have in place is an excellent option. 

Lime green, for example, can be an impressive partner to royal blue. At the same time, it can pull in the jade and blend it more naturally into your scheme. You can find these shades of green in many kinds of flowers, and place your arrangements in a royal blue vase (since that particular shade of blue is difficult to find in nature.)  If you don’t want to use a vase, set the flowers against a like-colored wall or surface, or use a blue satin ribbon to tie off your bouquets.  

Another excellent idea (using that same third-color concept) is to bring in a stark contrast to the two colors you are already working with. Coral is a wonderful option in that instance. It isn’t quite as bold as the royal blue or quite as light as our particular shade of jade, but the perfect in-between that creates a fun and summery look to your table settings and décor. 

Shades of Gray

Want to try another angle? Use a light and a dark shade of gray that match with the lighter and darker colors you are already using. Using both tones of the same neutral color will bridge the gap between your green and blue, and also allow each of them to stand out in their uniqueness.  

Keep it Light

There are many colors that harmonize with a green like our jade. Whites, blushes, even pale yellows. Some ranunculus and hydrangeas hold a hint of green that adds tenderness and beauty to your already-romantic ensemble. In cases where you want to keep the feeling light and airy, use the blue as your foundation, your backdrop, your tablecloths and chair covers. But let the accents of your event blossom with pastel perfection.