Color Story - Red

Red has long been known as the “color of passion.” Physically and emotionally, it can open your senses and awaken you to creativity and life and feeling. Which might make you think it would be a more common wedding color than it actually is. After all, what better to portray passion and emotion than the marriage of two people who are desperately in love?

Black Tie Affair

When worked in with black and white, a deep crimson can be just about the most striking color you can imagine. It isn’t a common trend in weddings as of late to “put on the ritz” black tie style. Men in penguin suits, women in white gloves and jewels…the kind of scene you would expect on the casino floor of the Mirage or the Grand Ballroom at The Plaza. That’s the funny thing about trends, though.  If you wait long enough, they will eventually come back around. Which tells us we might be seeing more of these fancy affairs soon, and get the chance to bring red back into our centerpieces and chocolate-covered strawberries back to our dessert tables. 


The red rose is a timeless symbol of Eros love, and a gorgeous flower to decorate any room. But instead of using crystal vases at a fancy ballroom reception, try hanging them upside down on a wooden fence for an outdoor country wedding. The visual is stunning and unexpected, and every guest will be drawn to them on their arrival. After all, roses don’t only belong in the Ritz. 

Wood and Twine

It is surprising how beautifully red contrasts with textures that have a more natural edge. Twine, stone, burlap, wood; there are many possibilities that are impossibly fun to play around with. White flowers in red vases are always a dazzling way to go, or you can hang wine bottles from a wall filled with red-budded branches. Even try adding a shimmer to your ruby tones and watch your arrangements and decor stand out that much more! 


July the 4th is an unbelievably popular day to get married. Who doesn't love an over-the-top Independence Day celebration? Red tulips, old Coke bottles, wooden crates and a s'more roasting bonfire. It's a time for family to come together and celebrate our freedom, but it can also be a time for celebrating a new union. Sparks will fly at a Fourth of July wedding where those vintage reds and navy blues set the stage for a lively outdoor ceremony in the sun. So let Old Glory wave tall, and throw a party that no one will be forgetting anytime soon.