Color Story - Black

This week, we decided to move in a different direction with our color story, and play with the idea of black. While seemingly limited, the possibilities are actually quite extensive, and the more we looked into this classic of classics, the more fun we had with it.

Flowers with Black Centers

Let’s face it: black isn’t often associated with weddings, but bold, exotic flowers certainly are. If you don’t want to don dark tablecloths or chairs at your reception, but you still want a hint of that rich, deep feel, you might want to experiment with using flowers that have black at their center. Red Ranunculus and sunflowers are two that particularly stand out in this way. Arrange them with other contrasting colors, or even throw in those black chiavari chairs. You will love what you see, and you might just rethink your ideas on color schemes. 

A Touch of Lime

Do you have a flare for the dramatic? What better way to put that to use than by choosing bold and daring colors for your bold and daring day? Lime green, for example, paired with black, can be quite the astonishing match. Especially when black and white patterns are used. It might sound crazy, and you definitely have to be willing to make a statement, but your photographer will love you for it and your photos will be second to none. 

Stripes and Sentiment

It's hard to find anything that white spider mums don't instantly make more beautiful, but set them against black and white striped fabric and prepare to be amazed. While you might be familiar with the soft, pretty look they provide just about any arrangement, this one in particular is sure to catch your eye. Add in elegant handmade objects to your centerpiece, (especially those with personal meaning and sentimental value) and be ready for a look you will fall in love with. 

The Natural Look

When you think about black, it is normal to almost instantly pair it with white. The two look so striking together that there are few combinations they won’t improve when brought in together. There is a slight alternative, however, that uses that same premise while moving more in the direction of nature than fine china. Try using more tan, neutral tones instead of stark white, and add in greenery wherever you can. Still artistic and whimsical, but grounded in class.


Black and bronze are a stunning duo that often get overlooked when silver and gold are on the table. But if you see this couple matched up right, you might just think twice about the more commonly used metallics. Add in some color with forced branches and small flowers, and set your event up for a truly unique look. After all, who says bronze has to be third place?