Southern Blues

blue wedding
wedding horses

This week’s color story isn’t solely about color. Instead, we decided to make it more theme-based, while still incorporating a color into it; that being baby blue. The theme we set was an elegant Southern wedding for a refined couple who loves to ride horses. 

Several of us chose to pair the baby blue we were given with darker shades-from cobalt to navy-and we all liked the idea of using long wooden tables for an outdoor reception on a manicured lawn. Oversized oak trees outside a white plantation, arbors at the end of a walkway on a beautiful spring day; these were just some of the ideas we were drawn to for this particular sort of wedding.  

white hydrangea

Of course there would be a white horse-drawn carriage; whether to deliver the bride to the ceremony or to whisk the newly-married couple away at the end of the night. And peach flowers also lent themselves beautifully to the theme. Long pearl necklaces and oversized Derby hats for the women, and a chapel train for the bride with a floor-length veil.  

Another charming color we thought to match with the baby blue was a light silver-gray, which looked particularly quaint with the patterned blue china and table settings we envisioned. 

Whatever the color, whatever the case, there is no wedding like a Southern wedding, and if you ever have the opportunity to make this your dream, the possibilities for your day are as endless as they will be unforgettable.