Emily Jolly - Owner / senior Event Planner


Hi, I’m Emily Jolly, also known as the chief choreographer of fabulous moments and memories. And I have an amazing, fun-loving team that puts as much “jolly” into each event as I do. My job is to make your special day dazzling while you sit back and enjoy the ride. The passion I have for the work I do is matched by my organizational skills, attention to detail and an unfailing interest in really listening to you. While your needs are always a priority to me, your wants are just as important and I really enjoy making them happen.

I started my career as an event planner for a small boutique agency and went on to design corporate hotel events, so I’ve worked with casual and intimate gatherings, large conventions and everything in between. While I loved mastering the details and execution of every event, I wanted to get to know my customers better, personalize each occasion and make the planning a party in itself. Thus, I started Jolly Events.

I feel blessed to make my living on co-creating grand visions with clients who eventually become my friends, pampering them and experiencing their joy in the process. I love to spoil others and find creative ways to do it. Plus, I’m an eternal optimist who believes anything is possible — and that every event can be infused with stress-free energy, fun and laughter. In my spare time, I enjoy running. I love yoga (but I can’t touch my toes). I love red wine, but prefer to drink it in a stemmed wine glass. Hey, I may be quirky but I lead a dependable, follow-through-with-promises team and we look forward to working with you.

Casey Kiser - Associate Event Coordinator 

Casey is the undisputed funny bone of our team and we often laugh uncontrollably when she’s around. She has a keen eye for detail, a flabbergasting memory and the ability to lift everyone with her stories (whether they’re true or not). Our Casey also has a gift for numbers. She can crunch them quickly and make sure any budget stays on track. Our clients are always at the center of her attention — and are usually laughing, as a result. 

Bethany Hall - Designer

Bethany is gifted with both left- and right-brain talents that are awe inspiring. She is an art director, graphic designer and super tech savvy. At the same time, she is a free spirit who gives fresh perspective on any project. Bethany is our go-to for print and Web design, with an amazing sense for things like fonts, photography, & trends. You may never see her, but you can be sure that she has your needs covered.