Full Event Design: Designed for the Fully Engaged Human Being. You’re the one who has every minute of your life booked. You are engaged with your community, your work, your social circle. So much so that you have a day planner, phone planner, and your alarm set for calls to mom. You are well known and everyone depends on you, so you simply don’t have time to plan a wedding end to end! No worries. Our talented designers and coordinators will create your theme, select and meet vendors, create and send the stationery and get you to the church on time. Plus, so much more. We’ll be sure to fill your planner with nothing but ease while facilitating a flawless, seamless and perfect day. Done!

Full Event Design Package Details 

Partial Event Design:

Perfect for what we’ll call The One with Celebrity Savvy. You keep up on the events of the world’s most beautiful, with “must-have” sticky notes in your wedding magazines and a Pinterest board that is titled “One Day.” You have your vendors selected, your theme chosen and a vision of what it will all look like. You just need someone to put all the pieces together. We’re here for you! Now you can sit back, glass of wine in hand, and watch as our designers and coordinators prepare a cohesive, polished wedding day to match your expectations. 

Partial Event Design Package Details 

Month of Design 

Ideal for the I’ve Been Dreaming of This Day romantic — you’ve had your wedding day location, flowers, colors, and music chosen since you were a wee one. The partner of your dreams has passed all qualifications. The point is, you’re more than already prepared to get married and you’ve earned some time off. Our coordinators will be on hand to ensure that every order you’ve made comes through and that your wedding matches the dream. We simply put the wrapping on your beautiful story to give you a day of pure bliss. 

Month-of-Design Package Details