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As our name suggests, fun and laughter are key components to the services we provide. We are an experienced and highly energetic team of design professionals with connections to the best vendors in the area. Our goal is to spoil you with personalized care and attention while artfully crafting a memorable event to your expectations.

So, tell us. What’s your pleasure? 

Meet Emily Jolly


Hi, I’m Emily Jolly, also known as the chief choreographer of fabulous moments and memories. And I have an amazing, fun-loving team that puts as much “jolly” into each event as I do. My job is to make your special day dazzling while you sit back and enjoy the ride. The passion I have for the work I do is matched by my organizational skills, attention to detail and an unfailing interest in really listening to you. While your needs are always a priority to me, your wants are just as important and I really enjoy making them happen.

I started my career as an event planner for a small boutique agency and went on to design corporate hotel events, so I’ve worked with casual and intimate gatherings, large conventions and everything in between. While I loved mastering the details and execution of every event, I wanted to get to know my customers better, personalize each occasion and make the planning a party in itself. Thus, I started Jolly Events.

I feel blessed to make my living on co-creating grand visions with clients who eventually become my friends, pampering them and experiencing their joy in the process. I love to spoil others and find creative ways to do it. Plus, I’m an eternal optimist who believes anything is possible — and that every event can be infused with stress-free energy, fun and laughter. In my spare time, I enjoy running. I love yoga (but I can’t touch my toes). I love red wine and must drink it in a stemmed wine glass. Hey, I may be quirky but I lead a dependable, follow-through-with-promises team and we look forward to working with you.


Emily Jolly Senior Event Planner

Phone (970)420-1478 Location 2700 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525 Contact

Meet Megan Amen

Lead Coordinator 

Megan Amen Lead Event Coordinator

Color: Lavender
Food: Carbs
Activity: Baking & decorating cakes
Date Night: Rockies game
How Would your friends describe you? Thoughtful, meticulous, dedicated, Disney obsessed
Wine or Beer or Lemonade? Fruity beer
Mountains or Beach? Beach. I want to soak up the sun!
Heels or Flip Flops? Heels... and wedges... and boots.... and sandals... I have a shoe problem
Best Advice You've Ever Received? "DYB" and "GFI" - My mom's acronyms for do your best and go for it.
Describe Love in Three Words: Worth the wait (I'm guessing)
When Are You the Most Happy? When I'm in Disneyland. It's the Happiest Place on Earth!
Do You Have Any Pets? No, but I'm the aunt to an adorable Cocker Spaniel named Guinness and considered him my own.
What is Your Goosebump Moment at Weddings? The Father Daughter Dance - gets me every time.

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Rocky Mountain Bride

Jolly Events specializes in creative design and logistical planning that is tailored to your unique Love Story and budget. 


* Jolly Events books a limited number of Platinum Packages each calendar year to ensure our couples get the attention and devotion they deserve.


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